Born and Bred Balloonists

Founded by Aziz, Khairudin and Abbas, AKA Balloon was formed through a strong bond of friendship and a deep passion for hot air balloons. With a few other friends, they collectively became the first hot air balloon pilots in Malaysia. After procuring some balloons they engaged a group of outdoor enthusiasts to train as balloon pilots and crews. The same team has been together for all the events and operations since 1993. Over the years, ballooning has been the vehicle that has bonded strangers into friends, young and old. The company is now run by Khairudin's family members, by blood and by ballooning. 

The Balloon Sisters

It was very natural for these sisters to continue the legacy that was started by their father. Deciding it would be best to train as pilots themselves, in 2015 they became the first two female hot air balloon pilots in Malaysia, holding both private and commercial licenses.


Izzati Khairudin
CEO & Pilot

Atiqah Khairudin
COO & Pilot